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Your first steps into the world of Web3, NFTs, and Nouns DAO.

Hi! Welcome to Nouns101! If you’re new to web3 and trying to form an understanding and get more involved, you’re in the right place!

Here you’ll find four chapters of content, leading you from web3 beginner to DAO contributor! Don’t know what a DAO is? Don’t worry — We’ll get there! ⌐◨-◨

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What's Crypto and DeFi all about? Sounds like Greek to me..."

If that is what's boggling your mind, fret not.

If this is your first steps into the word of "web3" and crypto, you're in the right place —

In this chapter, we will be covering the basics of web3, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and crypto wallets.

Ready to get started?

You’ve broken through the mental barrier, and realized that the blockchain is a revolutionary technology to change the world of finance.

But you still can’t wrap your head around NFTs. Why would anyone (in the right mind) pay a million dollars for a JPEG? _Am I really seeing the bigger (digital) picture?_

In this chapter we’ll breakdown NFTs, and show you how there is more than meets the eye.

Ready to dive in?

You have a basic understanding of NFTs and are ready to dig deeper. You want to learn about the different types of NFTs, communities, and how to get involved.

Maybe you keep hearing about DAOs, or NFTs with utility and want to learn what they’re all about? This chapter is for you!

Let’s get started…

You learned about DAOs in the last chapter, or are familiar and want to get involved but aren’t quite sure how. Maybe you’ve heard of Nouns DAO, Lil Nouns DAO, Gnars DAO, or Food Nouns DAO and want more information on how to participate.

This chapter is for you!

Let’s dive into Nouns DAO, Lil Nouns DAO and the Nounish Ecosystem…

Funded by Lil Nouns DAO ⌐◧-◧


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