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In the context of software development, a fork occurs when a developer takes a copy of an existing piece of software and begins to develop it independently of the original software. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as if the developer wants to add new features to the software that are not supported by the original developers, or if the developer wants to fix bugs or security vulnerabilities that are not being addressed in the original software.
A fork can also occur in the context of a blockchain, when a group of users decide to create a new version of the blockchain that is based on the existing blockchain, but that has different rules or features. This can happen if the users do not agree with the direction that the original blockchain is taking, or if they want to experiment with new ideas that are not supported by the original blockchain.
In both cases, the result of the fork is two separate software projects or blockchain networks that have a shared history, but that are now developed independently of each other.
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