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Transaction Details

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The transaction details of a blockchain transaction typically include information about the parties involved in the transaction, the assets or data being transferred, and the terms of the transfer.
The transaction details may include the following information:
  • The digital addresses or wallet addresses of the sender and recipient: These are unique strings of characters that identify the parties involved in the transaction on the blockchain.
  • The type and amount of assets being transferred: This may include the type of cryptocurrency being transferred, as well as the amount of the cryptocurrency being transferred.
  • The terms of the transfer: This may include any conditions or terms that are associated with the transfer of assets, such as the terms of a smart contract.
  • The timestamp of the transaction: This is the date and time at which the transaction was recorded on the blockchain.
  • The transaction hash: This is a unique identifier for the transaction, which is generated using cryptographic techniques.
  • The block number: This is the block on the blockchain in which the transaction was recorded.
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